Further details on the Nassau sell-off


Paperwork for another of the transactions that is part of the bankruptcy break-up of Nassau Broadcasting has made it to the FCC. Today’s report: WBQW-FM Kennebunkport ME.

The buyer of the Classical outlet is Mainstream Media, primarily owned by Lee S. L’Heareux, who will have a 60% stake in the new licensee. Also in on the buy, with 10% each, are Patrick F. Cerullo, Jeremy J. Jensen, Domenico W. Theodore, and Infinite Green Media (Jason White 75%, Philip W. Stein 25%).

The price for the station will be $150K cash.

A Class A on 104.7 MHz, it has 6 kW @ 285’ and is considered to be part of the Portland ME market. It actually serves the coastal area south or Portland and north of Portsmouth NH – but it is a bit closer to the former than the latter.