Further farewells for MAP


NHMC / National Hispanic Media CoalitionTwo organizations have come forth to say their good-byes to media legal advocacy Media Access Project. The National Hispanic Media Coalition worked with MAP on diversity and other issues, and Prometheus Radio Project credits MAP for its essential input into LPFM issues.

NHMC’s Alex Nogales stated, “We are losing a giant in the media reform field. NHMC has relied on MAP’s wise counsel for many years now and I am saddened by this news.

“This is heartbreaking news for all of us that care about media justice,” added NHMC’s Jessica González. “The media reform movement is losing a great thought leader in MAP, but we are also losing an amazing training ground for up and coming media reform advocates. I got my start as a summer law clerk at the Media Access Project. Andy, Harold Feld and Parul Desai were my mentors. I am so sad that other aspiring advocates will not be able to benefit from MAP’s fine traditions and Andy’s expertise. I want to personally thank Andy and MAP for really making this movement what it is today, and for opening the doors for me to work in this space.”

Prometheus issued a statement as an organization. It said, “When Prometheus started out as a small grassroots organization more than ten years ago, we could not have created change in Washington without MAP’s guidance. MAP helped us to navigate a path to transform our demands and demonstrations into lasting policy decisions. We are grateful to MAP, not only on our own behalf, but on behalf of the communities across the country ho have better media thanks to MAP’s tireless efforts.

“The victories we achieved in the Prometheus vs. FCC cases belong to everyone who cares about a diverse and democratic media, but much of the credit belongs to MAP. Although MAP’s closing is a loss for the field, the organization’s achievements (and many of its distinguished alumni) remain with us.

“All of Prometheus’ accomplishments in expanding Low Power FM (LPFM) community radio were made possible thanks to MAP attorneys, from Cheryl Leanza and Harold Feld to Parul Desai, Matt Wood, and Chrystiane Pereira. We are especially appreciative of MAP’s longtime leader Andrew J. Schwartzman, whose sustained commitment to Prometheus and to the public’s interest in media has created a better media system for us all.Prometheus congratulates everyone who has been a part of MAP over the years on a job well done. Your legacy can be found at hundreds of community radio stations, dozens of media advocacy organizations, and in every social justice group and community that gets on the air because of your work.”