GA politician gets controversial radio gig


The fact that Chip Rogers (R) left a gig as the Majority Leader of the Georgia State Senate to take a public radio gig is to say the least unusual. Some find it even more unusual that Georgia Public Broadcasting is paying him more than the state’s governor makes.

Roger’s show is called “Georgia Works” and it received its GPB debut 7/4/13. It can be heard throughout most of the state, although none of the affiliates quite make it to the state’s largest city and capital: Atlanta.

Rogers is the executive producer of the program, and his salary — $150K – is more than Gov. Nathan Deal receives. One other producer for GPB quit in protest, according to The job has been called a “massive taxpayer-funded golden parachute,” according to the article.

The program is all about the job market in the state. In a release, GPB said it will cover hiring trends, offer job-hunting advice and interview members of the business community who are a source of employment.