Gabriel completing gradual takeover of St. Cloud AM


A pair of religious non-profits in the St. Cloud MN area has been operating KYES-AM in tandem for several years. Now paperwork has been filed that will make the more experienced broadcaster the licensee.

KYES is licensed to Rockville MN. It’s a Class B on 1180 kHz with 50 kW-D, 5 kW-N, DA3.
Selling the station is Throw Fire Project headed by Peter Spaniol.

The buyer is Gabriel Media, headed by president/CEO Robert Rolfes. Gabriel is the owner of KKJM-FM “Spirit 92.9,” a 25 kW Class C3 also serving St. Cloud, forming an unusual noncommercial AM-FM combo with KYES.

The two non-profits originally hooked up 8/1/08 in a shared services agreement under which Gabriel provided KYES with a GM, and office manager, an administrative assistant and other staffers as needed, along with housing, facilities, equipment, utilities and other things necessary to operate the station. For all this, Throw Fire paid for half of the expenses.

A JSA was added 9/15/09, under which Gabriel received 55% of monthly advertising revenue to Throw Fire’s 45%.