Game40 grows on the Internet


Game40 is Union Radio’s multi-platform product dedicated to the videogame industry, with versions in radio, television, magazine and Internet. So far the online section was part of but due to the success achieved, it now grows and becomes an independent Website: is part of Union Radio’s commitment to the videogame industry. It aims at “casual users”, those casual gamers that make up the largest segment of users. offers useful and accessible information including reviews, demonstrations by experts and recommendations of titles by platform. In fact, is an exception in a sector dominated by publications aimed at advanced users, known as “heavy users”.

As of June 11th, Principalgames list – which lists the 20 best games of the moment -, will be divided into sub-lists according to categories such as action, sports or adventures.

Game40 has generated a loyal following in all media. In the case of Internet, more than 800,000 people visited the site in the past year.