GameFly debuts new campaign


GameFly, a leading online video game rental service, announced the launch of a new television commercial created by marketing ideas agency WONGDOODY. The commercial, which will begin airing last week, addresses video game players’ biggest fear – buying a bad game. The spots run nationally on Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, ESPN, FUEL, Spike, TBS and TNT, among others.

This new spot captures the emotions felt by gamers when they realize they have bought a bad game. The 30-second spot features several gamers externalizing their aggravation. Reactions range from screaming and crying, to punching a wall and throwing furniture, to frozen, silent despair.

The inherent value of GameFly’s service, which allows consumers to rent games on a monthly subscription plan and play them as long as they want, is reflected in the spot’s key message, “Don’t buy a bad game again!”

“GameFly is the easiest way for gamers to try games before making the commitment to purchase them. This is especially important now when consumers are carefully considering every expenditure. Gamers are responding to this spot because most have bought a game that didn’t meet their expectations. GameFly is the ideal way to find the games you truly love to play,” said David Hodess, CEO of GameFly.

“We wanted gamers to know that we understand where they’re coming from by magnifying those visceral emotions, and having characters go off in intriguing and unexpected ways,” said Michael Boychuk, WONGDOODY senior creative director.

WONGDOODY has served as GameFly’s advertising agency of record since June 2008.