GameStop breaks new branding campaign with The Richards Group


GameStop, the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer, launched a new branding campaign with The Richards Group. The campaign, Power to the Players, is comprised of two television spots, nine print executions, and online and viral components. The TV spots are in the style called "machinima," the art of using scenes from pre-rendered gaming engines and assembling them into a film. The first spot, "The Breakup," features a gamer, in the form of his heroic avatar, who works through the complex emotions of breaking up with an old video game that he once loved to trade it in for something new. The second spot, "The Drop," is in classic film-noir style. During the spot, an alien from the "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" game is plotting an ambush and has its plans foiled by a human soldier acting on inside information from GameStop.