Gannett Broadcasting signs up for Rentrak service


Rentrak Corporation announced that Gannett Broadcasting has signed a deal to utilize Rentrak’s StationView Essentials system in its local TV markets. Rentrak claims its system provides broadcasters with highly granular viewership information at the individual market level.

“As our business evolves, the customer information our advertisers and clients need is also changing.  We are eager to work with Rentrak and explore new ways of helping our clients be even more successful in reaching their customers,” said Tom Somers, Vice President Strategic Initiatives Gannett Broadcast in the announcement from Rentrak. Gannett operates 23 television stations in 19 markets with a reach of 21 million households.  

Rentrak says StationView Essentials will provide Gannett with in-depth and precise local market viewing insights including rating and share as well as Rentrak-proprietary qualitative metrics such as Ad Retention indices, Program “STICKINESS”/Engagement factors and Brand-based Station “Heat Maps” (retail trading area and political district ratings). The company claims its StationView Essentials service provides “an exciting new television Database Currency capable of more accurately measuring consumer viewing behaviors in a 500+ channel universe based on highly granular reporting at the individual market level. Using the only fully-integrated system of detailed satellite, telco TV and cable viewing information from millions of televisions nationwide, Rentrak’s Database Currency provides the industry with a clear understanding of the TV viewer.”

“Station groups and individual stations in markets both large and small are adopting Rentrak’s vision of a more comprehensive Database measurement currency based on thousands of set-top-boxes in each local market,” said Steven Walsh, Rentrak’s Senior Vice President, Local Market Sales. “By combining this quantitative solution with qualitative syndicated and client-proprietary consumer behavioral segmentations, Rentrak provides clients with an expanded view of which programs deliver the consumers of greatest interest to their advertisers.”