Gannett by the numbers


Gannett reported that total operating revenues from continuing operation in Q4 were 1.9 billion, down 11.9% from 2.2 billion in Q4 of 2006, which had one more week. Earnings per share from continuing operation were a buck-six, down from 1.47. Broadcasting revenues for the quarter fell 21.7% to 212 million – an 18% decline when adjusted for the quarter having one less week than a year earlier. Newspaper ad revenues declined 12.2% to 1.25 billion, an adjusted decline of 7.7%. Both national and classified were down double digits, while local was off only 3%.

Gannett reports monthly ad sales figures. For December, broadcast revenues were down 21.7% to 58.4 million. Adjusted for the month having an extra week as measured the previous year, broadcast revenues were down 6.5%. Newspaper ad revenues were down 26.4%, or 14.5% adjusted for the lack of the 5th week.