Gannett, Yahoo! strike local ad partnership


Gannett and Yahoo! announced a local advertising partnership that brings together Gannett’s strong local media organization brands, sales capabilities, and website audiences with Yahoo!’s audience and display advertising.

All of Gannett’s 81 local publishing organizations and seven of its Broadcasting Division sites will sell Yahoo! advertising inventory as part of Gannett’s local advertising solutions. As a result, local advertisers will benefit from expanded digital reach and audience targeting capabilities based on geography, user demographics, interests, and more against that expanded audience. In addition, Gannett will be leveraging the targeting and ad ordering capabilities of the APT from Yahoo! platform for local sales.

This partnership will extend Gannett’s local media organization reach to cover as much as 80% of the total digital audience in each market.

As part of the agreement, Gannett may also provide select local content for programming across Yahoo! properties in the U.S., including the Yahoo! homepage. A phased rollout will begin this quarter and will continue into 2011.