GAP handles Radioactive material in Montana


Skip Weller’s GAP Broadcasting, the second similarly-named group backed by Oak Tree Capital Management, is taking a Randy Michaels FM off the hands of Clear Channel, adding it to its Missoula-area cluster. The Michaels KXGZ-FM 101.5, licensed to Radioactive LLC, is a recently constructed Class C1 licensed to Frenchtown MT. Weller’s GAP Broadcasting of Missoula will pick it up for the same 500K Clear Channel was going to pay, and it will nestle into one of the clusters Weller acquired in its foundational multimarket acquisition from Clear Channel. Other stations in the area include KGVO-AM, KLCY-AM, KLYQ-AM, KBAZ-FM, KYSS-FM & KENR-FM. An engineering study accompanying the FCC paperwork notes that the stations form two distinct markets under contour method analysis.