Garden State Pirate Problems Probed With Pai


Unlicensed activity on the FM radio dial is a big problem in New Jersey, and New Jersey Broadcasters Association President Paul Rotella has made it known to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Rotella recently met with FCC Commissioners and staff to discuss the serious “Pirate Radio” problems experienced in the Garden State. Along with NJBA Member Bob Taylor, Rotella made the case for enhanced enforcement of what he says is a growing problem.

In particularly, Rotella believes the FCC had turned a blind eye to reports and complaints made to the commission over the last eight years.

Noting that pirate radio stations interfere with the Emergency Alert System (EAS), can cause health issues from radiation emitted from illegal antennas, interfere with FAA communications with aircraft, and cause interference with legitimately licensed stations.

“I am hopeful this new FCC will be more responsive to acknowledging, as well as correcting this public safety hazard,” Rotella said.

That’s because Rotella fully supports the renomination of Ajit Pai by the Trump Administration for another term on the Commission.

“Commissioner Pai has been a breath of fresh air on the eighth floor, as a true friend to broadcasters, especially radio broadcasters,” Rotella said. “The NJBA is particularly fortunate to have a special relationship with all of our commissioners over the years, but Commissioner Pai has reinvigorated a fundamental priority to the commission’s mission: Broadcast. We have sent letters and had meetings with Senators Booker and Menendez and their staffs to urge his quick confirmation. After all, radio broadcast was the impetus for the creation of the FCC, and I have a feeling the new commission will not forget that.”