Gas prices and economy throwing damper on vacation season


Consumers are taking the high price of gasoline into account when they decide on vacations plans this year – but even more consumers are opting out of a traveling vacation due to lack of disposable income, according to a survey from BIGresearch.

67.2% of adults aged 18+ cite lack of sufficient funds as their reason for staying home this year. That was a reason for regular vacationers as well, although not quite as high a percentage – but still, almost six out of ten (59.9%) said lack of disposable income was a reason for staying home.

Here are the results of the survey, from BIGresearch’s American Pulse series.

Reasons NOT To Take a Vacation This Year

Results for Adults 18+
Gas prices are too high: 44.5%
Not enough disposable income: 67.2%
Can’t get time off work: 10.5%
Saving for large purchase: 7.1%
Planning a “staycation”: 8.8%
No desire to go on vacation: 18.9%

Results for those who take vacation once a year or more often
Gas prices are too high: 48.1%
Not enough disposable income: 59.9%
Can’t get time off work: 12.3%
Saving for large purchase: 8.0%
Planning a “staycation”: 10.5%
No desire to go on vacation: 8.6%

For those thinking of flying somewhere, the fear of terrorists is on the back of the mind of most – 54% are somewhat or very concerned about an act of terrorism when contemplating vacation-related air travel, and 44.4% say the same when contemplating air travel for any reason.

The survey produced two results that broadcasters may find interesting, if not particularly encouraging: 67.1% say the media is corrupt, and the most trusted news source is Fox, but it only took a score of 23% to achieve the number one position.