GatesAir Delivers Its 300th Repack Transmitter


The 300th repack transmitter built and delivered by GatesAir for a broadcast TV station impacted by the FCC’s incentive auction has been accepted by a Cornerstone Television station in Western Pennsylvania.

Receiving the equipment is WPCB-TV, a Cornerstone Television station serving the Pittsburgh market. WPCB took delivery of its new Maxiva ULXTE-50 liquid-cooled transmitter at the end of May.

WPCB has been repacked from Channel 50 to Channel 28, and will transmit at 31.7 kW from its new frequency beginning August 2.

To date, GatesAir has shipped 11,273 power amplifiers, which represents more than 6.4 Megawatts of transmission power.

GatesAir has also logged nearly 38 million amplifier in-service hours of repack projects.

All GatesAir transmitters are made at the company’s Quincy, Illinois manufacturing center.

WPCB was granted a power increase for its Phase 4 repack assignment. Steve Johnson, VP/Operations for Cornerstone Television, Johnson also purchased a Maxiva VAXTE-6L air-cooled transmitter for WKBS-TV in the Altoona/Johnstown, PA market.

WKBS, a full satellite of WPCB, will be repacked from UHF Channel 46 to low-band VHF channel 6 in Phase 6.