Geico Maintains Top Spot


Media-Monitors1by Dwight Douglas, Media Monitors

In the Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten last week, Geico remained in the #1 position with 52,236 spots. The Home Depot made their move back up to #2 with 29,068 spots, while JCPenney was #3 with 28,585 ads. iHeartRadio was #4 airing 28,320 announcements and MCDONALD’S moved up from #16 to #5 with 25,911 spots. Turbotax opened at #6 running 22,096 spots, while Burger King slid to #7 airing 20,974 spots. The US Department of Health & Human Services jumped up from #21 to #8 with 16,633 spots and Walgreens slipped to #9 running 16,295 spots. Debuting in the Spot Ten was Credit Karma, coming up from #24, with 16,154 spots.