Genachowski chats with musicians


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski addressed the Policy Summit of The Future of Music Coalition yesterday. The organization has long been at odds with broadcasters over a number of issues.  But not to worry – Genachoswki was entirely focused on the FCC’s efforts to preserve a free and open internet – a chief policy goal of FMC – via network neutrality. That made up the beginning, the middle and the end of his address to the organization. The Policy Summit was scheduled from 10/4/09 through 10/6/09.

RBR-TVBR observation: When we saw the juxtaposition of Genachowski with Future of Music, our spidey senses started tingling. But not to worry – network neutrality was once again Genachowski’s chief concern, and it’s an issue both broadcasters and musicians can get behind.

In fact, if musicians are able to leverage the internet to the point where they can create and distribute their own material, perhaps the labels that get between broadcasters and artists can be eliminated.

FMC was a key player in battling ownership consolidation and it’s a big fan of LPFM, but seems to have pretty much steered clear of the PRA battle. It issued a major position paper recently over artist compensation, but it was geared more toward ownership of intellectual property than it was getting compensation for airplay.