Genachowski commits to 2013 NAB Show


Julius Genachowski
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will participate in a session with broadcasters at the big convention in Las Vegas. The 4/10/13 session will be moderated by Meredith Corporation’s Paul Karpowicz.

The session will take place at 9AM local time. The Show runs from 4/6-11.
Genachowski will participate in a chat with Karpowicz, who is NAB’s Joint Board Chair, and will also take questions.

“NAB looks forward to hosting Chairman Genachowski at the NAB Show once again to hear his views on current and future communications issues before the Commission,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “This session is sure to be informative for radio and TV broadcasters and an excellent opportunity to learn about the regulatory issues shaping our industry.”

RBR-TVBR observation: It isn’t all that surprising that broadcasting has taken a back seat at the Commission under Genachowski’s tenure. It is a mature medium, and is quite capable of functioning with minimal attention from the feds.

In fact, the last compelling broadcast issue that totally absorbed the FCC was television’s digital transition – on that one, most of the heavy lifting took place under Kevin Martin and the endgame was presided over by Acting Chairman Michael Copps just before Genachowski assumed the chair.

Since Genachowski sat down, the focus has been primarily on broadband – it is no accident that the primary broadcast proceeding, incentive spectrum auctions, is but a sidebar to the broadband proceeding.

We do have the quadrennial review pending – the 2010 quadrennial review – and a few other matters, and broadcasters may learn a few things from the Chairman. At the very least, it will be reaffirmed that the Chairman knows that broadcasters exist.