Genachowski headed for Aspen Institute


Julius GenachowskiIn a move that is the opposite of that detailed in Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will be taking the road most traveled, at least by FCC chairs – like the four before him, his next stop will be the Aspen Institute.

AI wrote, “When Julius Genachowski finishes his four years as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission later this month, he will follow a 16-year tradition followed by his four immediate predecessors: moving to the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program as a Senior Fellow. We are delighted, of course, to welcome him to the Aspen family.”

AI says that in addition to getting Genachowski’s input on pertinent issues, it will allow him a chance to step back and assess his own chairmanship. Further, it explained, “Freed of the possibility of moving markets by the mere intonation of their comments, these leaders can frame the issues going forward in new and important ways.”

AI notes that the FCC-to-Aspen career path is now a tradition 16 years strong. Genachowski will be following the footsteps of Kevin Martin, Michael Powell, William Kennard and Reed Hundt.