Genachowski kicks off vlog


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski isn’t kidding when he says the FCC is going to be a true 21st Century agency. In fact, me underscored that very point in the debut episode of his brand new video blog, available for your viewing pleasure at at Just don’t expect much about old media this first time around.

The address takes up just under four and a half minutes, and covers three topics.

The first is no surprise: The FCC has been charged with getting broadband out there in as ubiquitous a manner as possible, and Genachowski was chosen because that is what he wants to do.

His second topic was the 21st Century thing – he wants to make sure that the FCC uses new technology to communicate effectively (his new vlog being one example of how that will be accomplished), that it uses technology to allow wider participation in FCC matters, from experts, stakeholders and the public in general; and that technology be harnessed in matters of data – determining what data is collected, which of that should be dropped, and what’s being missed.

Finally, Genachowski said he wants to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

There was not one peep about radio or television.

RBR/TVBR observation: Broadcasters do not need to feel lonely, even if they feel left out in the cold. CATV, cell phones, satellite services, faxes, landline phones, string-and-can phones, walkie-talkies, HAM radios, the Pony Express, town criers and many other communications media were also left out.