Genachowski speaks!


But don’t get too excited about it – he basically joined the flurry of usual suspects throwing gratitude and congratulations around like a wet dog shakes off water drops. Julius Genachowski and Robert McDowell were both confirmed by the Senate to work on the FCC’s 8th Floor late last Thursday, not too long after the White House formally sent the names of Meredith Attwell Baker and Mignon Clyburn to the Senate for another round of confirmation hearings. Oh, and Larry Strickling was also confirmed as the new head of NTIA.

Here is a compendium of thought from the usual suspects:

* Julius Genachowski: “I want to thank the members of the U.S. Senate for this enormous honor, first presented to me by President Obama to whom I am also deeply grateful. The FCC has the inspiring mission of ensuring that our communications networks and technologies serve the nation’s needs and improve the lives of all Americans. I salute the exceptional work and dedication of Acting Chairman Michael Copps, Commissioners Robert McDowell and Jonathan Adelstein, and the FCC’s employees in advancing that mission. I look forward to collaborating with Commissioners Copps and McDowell during this dynamic time of extraordinary opportunity. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Commissioner McDowell on his confirmation and wish Commissioner Adelstein well in his further important government service. I am pleased to congratulate Mignon L. Clyburn and Meredith Atwell Baker on having been nominated by President Obama to serve on the Federal Communications Commission. These two distinguished public servants have track records of great success and experience that will be strong virtues at the FCC. I wish them the very best in the confirmation process, and I enthusiastically await their arrival at the Agency.”

* NAB’s Dennis Wharton: “NAB salutes the Senate for confirming Julius Genachowski as the new FCC chairman and for granting a second term to Commissioner McDowell. We are also pleased that Larry Strickling has been confirmed as head of the NTIA. President Obama could not have picked three more qualified candidates for these critically important public policy positions, and NAB looks forward to working with all of them on behalf of America’s free and local radio and television stations.”

* Commerce Committee Chair Jay Rockefeller (D-WV): “I am pleased to see the President’s nominees, Mr. Julius Genachowski, Mr. Robert C. McDowell, and Mr. Lawrence Strickling confirmed by the United States Senate. Mr. Genachowski offers the public and private sector experience needed to reinvigorate the FCC and put consumers first. From the content that gets broadcast into millions of living rooms throughout America, to the broadband networks that can bring equal opportunities to our largest cities and our smallest rural towns – the FCC oversees it all. From managing the digital television transition, to distributing the $4.7 billion set aside for stimulating broadband deployment in the recovery package, to navigating issues of Internet governance, Mr. Strickling and the NTIA have substantial powers – and substantial responsibilities. I look forward to Mr. Genachowski, Mr. McDowell, and Mr. Strickling’s service to our country and a future of good and honest communications policy.”

* Commerce Committee Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison: “I am pleased to see that we are two steps closer toward a complete FCC panel,” said Senator Hutchison. “I look forward to working with both Chairman Genachowski and Commissioner McDowell on the many important telecommunications issues that impact Texas and the nation.”

* FCC Commissioner and extremely-recently Acting Chair Michael Copps on Genachoski: “I congratulate Julius Genachowski on his Senate confirmation. I believe Julius brings just the right blend of talent, experience and dedication to lead the FCC toward the more active role it must play if all our citizens are to enjoy the blessings and bounties of Twenty-first century communications. I look forward to welcoming both Julius and his family into our FCC family. And I look forward to working with Julius and all my colleagues at the Commission in tenacious pursuit of a communications policy that truly puts the public interest first.” On McDowell: “Congratulations to my friend and colleague, Rob McDowell, on his confirmation by the Senate for another term at the FCC. I’ve said many times before how much I value Rob’s friendship, his collegiality, and the dedicated way he goes about his work. Rob’s many talents were evidenced during his first term here and I look forward to working with him during his second. Best wishes as well to his wonderful family — I know that Rob’s ability to serve at the Commission would not be possible without a team effort.”

* FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein on Genachowski: “I congratulate Julius on being confirmed by the Senate to be the next Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Julius brings exceptional leadership, intelligence and extensive public and private sector experience that will serve this agency and the public well. This is a pivotal time for our country and for this agency. I’m confident that Julius, with his strong strategic vision, is the right person to tackle the ongoing broadband and media challenges we face, and the right person to guide the communications policies so badly needed to propel the U.S. forward as a global competitor.” On McDowell: “I am very pleased the Senate has confirmed Rob for another term as Commissioner. Rob’s intelligence and significant experience in the field of telecommunications continues to be of significant value to all of us at the Commission. He is a dedicated public servant who will address the many important communications issues that the Commission will face in the times ahead with fairness and integrity, as he always has. I have greatly enjoyed working with Rob and I wish him well in his next term as Commissioner.”

* FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell: “I congratulate Julius Genachowski on his confirmation by the Senate to be Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. As many have noted, the agency stands to benefit from Julius’ strong background in both the public and private sectors. I look forward to working with him and his team as we move forward on the many matters facing American consumers and the Commission.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Speaking of Baker, there seems to be some question as to whether it’s spelled “Atwell” or “Attwell.” We used to be convinced there was only one “t” – as most at the FCC still seems to think; now we’re equally as convinced that there are two, as the White House and others seem to think. As far as our keyboarding future goes, however, we are hoping the esteemed potential second Republican on the Commission is happy to go simply by “Baker.”