‘General Hospital’ Carly unleashes her fury


Calling all fans of ‘GH’ here is what is going to happen starting today:

Monday, 5/03 Will Lucky turn a blind eye towards Michael?
 Carly accuses Lulu of betraying her.
 Olivia fears for Dante’s life.

Tuesday, 5/04 Carly unleashes her fury on Lulu.

Michael faces an uncertain future.
Johnny wants to get his own brand of justice.

Wednesday, 5/05 Michael vows to be strong for Sonny.
 Dante and Lulu find time for romance.
 Olivia reaches out to Johnny.

Thursday, 5/06 Sonny squares off with Dante.
   Helena drips poison in Nikolas’ ears.
   Elizabeth can’t get over her feelings for Lucky.

Friday, 5/07 Michael learns his fate. 
Elizabeth hopes for a future with Lucky. 
   Helena fuels Nikolas’ anger.

VCR Alerts

Monday, 5/17 Jason and Sam lose themselves in each other.
 Lulu voices her faith in Dante.
 Sonny puts Morgan’s needs above his own.

Tuesday, 5/18 Dante loses his temper with Michael.
Nikolas goes to bat for Alexis.
Lisa plays on Patrick’s jealousy.

Wednesday, 5/19 Jason and Sam realize their time is running out.
Nikolas shows his true nature.
 Tracy is at Helena’s mercy.
Thursday, 5/20 Michael’s in peril.
   Ethan joins forces with Johnny.
   Carly is out for revenge.

Friday, 5/21 Sonny tries to work his charms on Olivia. 
Michael faces a tough road. 
   Carly digs into Dante’s past.

(source: ABC)