General Hospital, Carter


Monday- Carter’s body is discovered and the warden demands to see Jason. Kristina asks Johnny to pretend they are a couple to hurt Sonny but Johnny refuses to help. Dante receives a crime scene photo in the mail. Dante visits Jason and reveals the photo to him hoping for information. Claire and Sonny spar over his plan to “defend” himself and kill Johnny.  She reiterates that their deal is for her to arrest Johnny – not help Sonny murder without consequences. Brook and Carly play-act outside of Dante’s apartment for Lulu to overhear. Despite Luke’s genuine profession of love, Tracy is determined to sever all ties.  Nik discovers the couple and sets them free.  Lucky locks Nik in Helena’s dungeon. Steve and Lisa have sex.  Carly calls Patrick out on his jealous antics and cautions him to act wisely or someone will get hurt. 

Tuesday- Jason is questioned for Carter’s murder, but other inmates cover for him. Threatened with solitary confinement, Jason convinces the Warden to save Michael by not punishing him so he can help the boy have a chance. Kristina refuses to go back to therapy with Sonny and accuses Alexis for always excusing her father’s abusive behavior. Kristina confides in Molly her plan to pretend to date Johnny. Carly lays doubt in Lulu’s mind that Dante has Sonny’s genes for cheating. Olivia begs Johnny to drop his vendetta against Sonny.  Ethan and Maya discuss Tracy and Luke’s relationship, giving Ethan the opportunity to flirt and display interest with her.  Skye asks Jax for help in uncovering her ex-husband’s treasure.

Wednesday-Sonny visits Michael and wants him to pursue an education while in jail. Dante is determined to get Michael out of prison before Michael becomes accustomed to killing as a way of life and has a talk with Judge Carroll. Kristina seeks out Johnny and Sonny sees them together.  Taking Johnny’s hand, Kristina tells him to play along as Sonny approaches in anger. Dante alerts Claire about the Franco photo and she promises to take Franco down. For a large sum of cash, Ethan agrees to be Johnny’s right hand man. Recovering at the hospital, Tracy refuses to give Luke another chance for fear he will hurt her again. Nik tells Liz he has exiled Helena from Wyndemere in hopes Liz will visit more often. Edward reveals deep regret over his past mistakes with Maya’s grandfather and hopes to make things right through Maya. 

Thursday- Dante runs home and he and Lulu make love. Michael confides in Jason his fear that Dante will inherit the mob business from Sonny. Johnny plays along with Kristina’s plan to make Sonny believe they are sleeping together, but Johnny warns Kristina that this cannot continue. Sonny tells Olivia and Alexis that Johnny and Kristina are sleeping together. Claire visits Jason for info on Franco. Patrick witnesses a loving moment between Lisa and Steve and is jealous.

Friday- Michael gets news that will affect his future. Dante warns Sonny to stay away from Michael. Sonny and Alexis strategize over parenting tactics for Kristina. Olivia and Johnny break up. Johnny confides in Ethan that he loves Olivia deeply, but he knows he needs to let her go. Kristina tells Ethan that she and Johnny are just an act. Alexis tries to dissuade Kristina from Johnny, but Kristina maintains she will not stop seeing him. Jason agrees to help Claire with her investigation in any way he can and relays info about Carter. Dante and Lulu realize that Michael’s presence will limit their passionate sex life.

VCR Alerts coming up this week on GH:

Monday, 6/21 
Will Sonny be able to see Michael?
Sam pretends to be another woman.
Patrick punches Steve.
Tuesday, 6/22  
Michael confides in Dante about Sonny.
Luke is thrown overboard.
Carly’s revenge plan is still in action.

Wednesday, 6/23 
Will Carly get a crime photo from Franco?
Will Clair and Dante strike a deal to catch Franco?
Luke moves in with Lucky.
Thursday, 6/24 
Sonny and Alexis team up.
Tracy has Luke arrested. 
Sonny advances his plan against Johnny. 

Friday, 6/25 
Michael walks in on Dante and Lulu making love.
Johnny and Olivia reconnect. 
Sonny reveals his plan to Luke.

(source: ABC)