‘General Hospital’ hot-hot-hot coming Carter attacks Jason


If you missed it then RBR-TVBR has the recap and what is going to happen next week on ‘General Hospital.’

The holiday Monday was an Encore Episode. Original air date 1/29/10.  In this episode, Dominic reveals that he is a cop and goes to arrest Sonny.  Sonny shoots Dominic as Olivia reveals that Dominic is Sonny’s own son.

Tuesday-Sam explains to Jason that the couple was denied a conjugal visit because she is not legally his wife.  Jason feels guilty about not being able to protect Michael sooner in jail and from the larger consequences of being in the mob.  Dante enjoys Brook’s cooking and company as they reminisce about the past.  Lulu arrives home after successfully convincing Carly to hire Brook. Dante and Lulu have sex after dinner. Claire overhears Sonny tell Olivia he wants Johnny dead.  Carly tells Sonny he should do whatever it takes to free Michael. Lucky and Nik fight, but Lucky stops short to avoid repeating past family mistakes.

Wednesday- Kristina dreams about Kiefer. Alexis asks Sonny to attend therapy with Kristina.  Kristina invites Johnny over to find out whether or not Sonny abused Claudia. Diane warns Sonny that without Jason he is not in the position to take down Johnny. Claire tries to strike a deal with Johnny to convict Sonny. Luke attempts to free himself and Tracy.  Tracy is very sick and Luke’s concern for her well-being grows. Liz maintains that she requires boundaries with Nik. Robin agrees to volunteer in Africa for 3 weeks without consulting Patrick. Maxie confides in Robin that she can’t stop thinking about Matt.  Matt delights in the fact he is getting under Maxie’s skin.

Thursday- Michael is unable to focus during a self-defense drill with Jason in the prison yard.  Jason asks Michael about Carter, but Michael can only muster a warning that he is dangerous. Dante arrives to visit Michael, but Jason appears in his stead.  Brook declines an offer to live at the Quartermaines, but makes it clear to Carly that she has options if she chooses not to seduce Dante. Carly instructs Brook to make Lulu feel insecure through Olivia. Johnny describes how Sonny abused Claudia. Kristina finds some haunting similarities between her father and Kiefer. Tracy’s condition worsens.  Nik makes it clear to Liz that he can offer her children a better way of life.  After talking Robin and Patrick decide together that Robin should go to Africa for 3 weeks. Maxie pretends to talk to Matt on the phone to Spinelli’s dismay.

Friday- Jason gives Dante an ultimatum: the day Dante shows up with a release is the day he will see his brother again.  Spinelli visits Jason in Pentonville and Jason quickly realizes that Carly has dragged Spinelli into her revenge plans.  As Michael practices self-defense alone, Carter visits his cell. Dante invites Brook to stay for dinner and Lulu uncomfortably realizes Dante and Brook have a deep connection. At therapy, Sonny struggles to stay calm, refusing any comparisons between himself and Kiefer and ends the session early.  Kristina meets Ethan and explains that she allowed Kiefer to abuse her because he reminded her of Sonny. Sonny asks Carly if he ever abused her. Tracy gets sicker and Luke demands to see Helena. Liz considers investing in a pharmaceutical company that could provide financial independence away from Nik.

What to look for this week on GH:      
Monday, 6/7       
Carter attacks Jason.
Michael makes a confession. 
Carly rents the apartment across from Dante.

Tuesday, 6/8 
Jason tells Sam of his intent to commit murder.  
Lulu is troubled by Brook.
Carly wants Sonny behind bars.

Wednesday, 6/9 
Brook pays Dante a visit in nothing but a towel.
Lulu confronts Sonny.
Despite Tracy’s worsening condition, Helena denies help. 
Thursday, 6/10  
Maxie witnesses Patrick’s jealousy.
Will Michael be able to defend himself against Carter?  
Lulu accuses Brook of moving in on her man.  

Friday, 6/11 
Carter shocks Jason with a surprising message.
Kristina wants revenge against Sonny.
Lucky pretends to be a jobless drifter.

RBR-TVBR note: What do you thing will happen between Jason and Carter?