If you ever were sitting on the edge of you seat this week was it so we start with Monday and what will happen this week on GH: 

Monday- Carly is upset when she learns Michael must live with Dante for the remainder of his sentence. Dante and Lulu welcome Michael home. Sonny comes to Dante’s loft in attempt to see Michael. Sam pretends to be Jason’s wife so they can have a conjugal visit. Maxie visits Jason in Pentonville about the photo she received from Franco. Jason tells Maxie to consult Claire Walsh. Olivia asks Lulu to talk Johnny out of dating Kristina, but she refuses to get involved. Alexis asks Johnny to stay away from Kristina.  Patrick spends a lonely Father’s Day with Emma in the park and misses Robin. At the hospital Steve and Patrick disagree on an emergency surgery.  Lisa tries to intervene, but at the height of the argument, Patrick punches Steve. Brook offers to house Michael whenever Lulu and Dante need privacy.

Tuesday- Sonny gets to see Michael against Dante’s orders. Michael opens up to Dante that he is appreciative of Dante and admits that Sonny is not a good role model. Worried about losing his children, Sonny finds comfort in Olivia. Maxie debriefs Claire on Franco and his psychopathic obsession with Jason. Kristina keeps up the front she is dating Johnny.  Alexis begs Johnny not to use her daughter as a weapon against Sonny. Steve suspends Patrick for his outrageous behavior and he commiserates with Luke. Brook assumes Carly’s revenge plan is over now that Dante got Michael released, but Carly confirms she will still pay Brook to break up Dante and Lulu. Luke tries to propose to Tracy but is thrown overboard. Maxie has a heart-to-heart with Lucky. 

Wednesday- Dante and Michael adjust to living together and Dante notices Michael is still sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements. Diane breaks the bad news to Jason that he is not getting out of Pentonville soon. Claire visits Dante and Michael, demanding more info about Carter as part of her Franco investigation. Dante suggests releasing Jason to lure Franco out, but Claire balks at the idea. During a visit from Michael, Carly discovers a Franco photo in her mail addressed to Josslyn. Johnny tries to break off the arrangement with Kristina again. Patrick shows up at the hospital hoping to work, but Steve holds his ground. Lucky comes home to discover Luke has moved into his apartment. Liz blasts Nik for trying to use Shirley to get to her. Ethan tries unsuccessfully to calm Tracy down from her angry rampage.

Thursday- Jax enlists Claire and Dante to follow the latest evidence of Franco’s return to Port Charles. Claire agrees to release Jason temporarily as Franco bait.  But she warns Dante that if Jason escapes, it is Dante who will be held responsible and go to jail. Jason and Sam share an intimate moment over the public payphone. Sam warns Kristina that she does not understand the consequences of her actions. Sonny and Alexis team up to restrict Kristina from seeing Johnny.  Sonny tells Max and Milo he wants Johnny dead. Luke breaks in to the Quartermaine’s to see Tracy and she has him arrested. Michael counsels his mother, telling her to reconcile with Jax. 

Friday- Jason and Sam discuss possible options to escape.  Michael walks in on Dante and Lulu making love.  Dante goes to Pentonville to release Jason into his custody to lure Franco. Johnny tells Kristina their arrangement must end.  Ethan tells Kristina there will be bad consequences if she continues to act out this way with Johnny. Johnny and Olivia reconnect with passionate lovemaking. Sonny tells Jason he has plans to kill Johnny in the works and asks Jason to kill Anthony before he can retaliate. Claire goes to Johnny and offers a deal to help bust Sonny. Sonny confides in Luke his plan to kill Johnny. Carly admits to Jax that she knows he will always keep their family safe.

VCR Alerts here is what is coming this week on GH:

Monday, 6/28
Jason demands a gun.
Luke warns Sonny against his killer plan.
Patrick and Lisa spend time together at the hospital.

Tuesday, 6/29 
Will Dante and Lulu get a chance to have make-up sex?
Steve and Epiphany break bad news to Liz.
Luke tries to get Ethan to stay away from Johnny.

Wednesday, 6/30 
James Franco returns to “General Hospital”
Will Luke be able to protect his son?
Steve lifts Patrick’s suspension at the hospital.
Thursday, 7/1  
Dante becomes suspicious of a homeless man.
Sonny reviews the car bomb plans.
Patrick and Lisa perform surgery.  

Friday, 7/2
Spinelli locates Franco’s mother.
Maxie receives roses, but who are they from?
Will Sonny make it in time to save Kristina?

(source: ABC)