‘General Hospital’ Michael heads for prison, Carly, Morgan rally


Calling all fans of ‘GH’ here is what is going to happen starting May 10 through the May 14.  Carly, Morgan and Kristina rally around Michael before he’s led off to Pentonville to begin serving his sentence.

Monday – Carly, Morgan and Kristina rally around Michael before he’s led off to Pentonville to begin serving his sentence.  Morgan attacks Dante as he blames him for Michael being sent to prison after he promised it wouldn’t happen.  Lulu appeals to Sonny to make sure Jason doesn’t kill Dante.  Sonny warns Lulu that he has no control over what Jason might or might not do where Dante is concerned.  Dante’s miserable over the turn of events.  Carly arrives to face Dante.  Jason makes a deal with Anthony, promising to protect Johnny in exchange for Anthony making sure nothing happens to Michael while in prison.       
Tuesday – Carly lies through her teeth when she promises Lulu she’ll make sure Jason doesn’t seek revenge against Dante.  Alone with Jason, Carly tells him she’s going to make Dante suffer.  A self-loathing Sonny tells Olivia he’s come to see that his children would be better off without him in their lives.  After meeting with Anthony, Michael realizes Jason made a deal to keep him safe.  A terrified Michael faces his first night in prison.  Elizabeth’s hopes for a family night out with Lucky and the boys are dashed when he turns down her invitation.  Elizabeth sees red when she finds Lucky shooting pool with Maxie at Jake’s.            
Wednesday – Carly convinces Jason not to kill Dante because she wants to make him, as well as Lulu, suffer for a long time.  Sonny and Carly fall back into old habits as they both blame themselves for Michael’s ordeal.  After finding temporary relief in each other’s arms, Carly asks Sonny not have any further contact with Morgan.  Jason realizes he needs to do more to make sure Michael is safe behind bars.  Dante beats himself up for the way things turned out and wishes he would have made different choices.  Patrick feels out of sorts when Robin loses herself in her memories of Stone.         
Thursday – Jason decides he needs to take drastic action to guarantee Michael’s safety in prison.  Sam understands why Jason feels the need to sacrifice his freedom for Michael.  Jason goes to try and make a deal with Claire.  Luke and Sonny commiserate over the failures they made with their kids.  Sonny’s taken aback when Morgan agrees it’s probably for the best if they didn’t spend time together anymore.  Alexis learns her fate in court but the Bauers aren’t through with her yet.  Tracy’s furious to learn Luke was off helping Skye.  Helena sees Tracy as a problem that needs to be dealt with.                                
Friday – Jason makes a deal with Claire and prepares to have himself sent to prison to keep Michael safe.  Michael faces danger behind bars.  Carly tells Jax that even though she wants him to adopt Michael their marriage is still over.  Sonny faces off with Jax, saying there’s no way he’ll allow Jax to adopt Morgan.  Lucky and Dante want to dig up some dirt on Judge Carroll.  Tracy finds herself Helena’s captive.  Elizabeth’s back goes up when she sees Lucky and Maxie together.    
VCR Alerts
Monday, 5/17 Jason and Sam lose themselves in each other.
 Lulu voices her faith in Dante.
 Sonny puts Morgan’s needs above his own.

Tuesday, 5/18 Dante loses his temper with Michael.
Nikolas goes to bat for Alexis.
Lisa plays on Patrick’s jealousy.

Wednesday, 5/19 Jason and Sam realize their time is running out.
Nikolas shows his true nature.
 Tracy is at Helena’s mercy.
Thursday, 5/20 Michael’s in peril.
   Ethan joins forces with Johnny.
   Carly is out for revenge.

Friday, 5/21 Sonny tries to work his charms on Olivia. 
Michael faces a tough road. 
   Carly digs into Dante’s past.
(source: ABC)