‘General Hospital’ now Jason joins Michael in prison


If you missed here is what happened this past week and what to expect at ‘GH’
Monday – Sonny and Dante discuss the aftermath of the Michael trial and how Sonny will deal with Carly’s request for Morgan. Sonny tells Carly there’s no way Jax will adopt Morgan.  Carly is upset about Jason’s plan to go to jail to keep Michael safe.  Spinelli pleads with Jason to not go to jail, but Jason wants to go through with his plan to finally do something right by Michael. Jason pleads to a class D felony. Sam and Jason make love at the cabin. Kristina tells Nikolas she needs help regarding Alexis’ pending suit, despite her mother getting a suspended sentence.  Lucky turns Elizabeth down for joining “Family Night” as he doesn’t believe the two are ready to be together again. Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth for losing his temper and wants to show he is committed to “their” unborn child.

Tuesday- Sonny visits Michael in prison, telling him of Jason’s arrival to be his new cellmate and protector.  Olivia overhears Sonny vowing to crush Johnny. Ethan agrees to work with Johnny to bring down Sonny. Claire shows up in the park to find Lucky, Cam and Jake. Claire talks about her biological clock ticking.  Nikolas confronts Alexis about the Bauer’s new threat. Patrick is jealous of Lisa spending more time with Steve.

Wednesday-Jason and Sam enjoy time in the cabin before Jason heads to Pentonville.  Dante visits Michael who tells him Sonny has vowed the mob will save him.  Dante and Claire take Jason into custody, but the plan might have already backfired when it comes to Michael’s safety.  Nikolas intimidates Warren to drop the lawsuit.  Nikolas and Lucky have a heated confrontation.  Luke sets up a lavish anniversary celebration for him and Tracy, but she doesn’t show up and Luke and Ethan grow concerned. Tracy is trapped in Helena’s dungeon.  Robin preps to devote herself to serving the memory of Stone.

Thursday- Jason’s transfer is being halted by Mayor Floyd. Michael finds himself in jeopardy. Robin urges and is successful in getting Sonny to admit he wants to be a family with Olivia and Dante. Maxie tells Lulu to not tell Dante about the abortion. Carly enlists the help of Spinelli to bring Dante and Lulu down. Carly sees a photo of Dante and Brook Lynn Ashton that gives her an idea.

Friday-Dante helps Jason get past the mayor’s roadblock.  Michael holds his own in prison.  Sonny uses his charm to get Olivia help him get closer to Dante. Carly asks Brook Lynn to return to Port Charles. A plan to bring down Sonny is set in motion by Johnny and Ethan.

Next week – VCR Alerts

Monday, 5/24 Jason joins Michael in prison.
   Carly offers Brook money to sleep with Dante.
 Liz acts irresponsibly.

Tuesday, 5/25 Michael gives Jason the run-down about being in jail.
Lulu tells Dante her secret.
Helene reveals her evil plan.

Wednesday, 5/26 Olivia is suspicious of Carly and Brook.
Sonny makes a deal with Claire.
 Luke breaks into the Cassadine residence.
Thursday, 5/27 Jason attempts to find out who hurt Michael.
Brook gains Dante’s appreciation and trust.
Claire has a plan to double-cross Sonny.

Friday, 5/28 Carly wants Dante and Lulu to pay.
Sam and Jason can’t have sex.  
   Sonny reveals a plan to Olivia.

(source: ABC)