'General Hospital' Sonny reminisces about Brenda


Brenda sets her return. Fans can now rejoice, Vanessa is returning to ‘General Hospital.’ True to form, Brenda arrives in Port Charles with a secret that will impact Sonny, Jax and Jason. But first if you missed it here is your rewind on GH.

Monday- Jason has an encounter with Franco with what appears to be deadly results.   Lulu and Dante fear they have lost the only lead to find Liz and Nik’s baby, but Lucky comes up with something. Jason is returned into Dante’s custody.  Kristina is amazed at Michael’s resilient attitude. Carly bolsters both Michael and Kristina, aware that both children have a lot of emotional healing to do. Robin and Maxie wait anxiously for the results of the surgery. Steve thanks Olivia for her quick-thinking in helping Ethan. Maxie warns Robin that Lisa is up to no good with Patrick. Lisa makes a subtle threat to Patrick about their one nightstand, saying they have a relationship now. Skye steals the keys to Fernanda’s computer but is caught by a security guard. Sonny and Claire remain intent on playing each other despite Diane’s warnings.

Tuesday-Dante convinces Jason that by killing him, Jason will only make things much worse for Michael. Liz crumbles emotionally, fearing her child may be dead. Kristina blames herself for what happened to Ethan. Maxie shows Matt her gratitude by having sex with him in the supply closet. Patrick denies the possibility of a relationship with Lisa and Robin comes upon the two arguing. Skye spins a sob story for the security guard, who ultimately permits her to hack into Fernanda’s computer. In search of emotional support, Carly leaves a voicemail for Jax. Claire proposes that Sonny sleep with her and give her a baby.

Wednesday- While Liz continues to unravel, Lucky finds disturbing evidence. Dante returns Jason to his penthouse, allowing him a night with Sam before he is sent back to Pentonville. Spinelli offers Jason and Sam a unique chance to be together. Carly witnesses Michael having a nightmare and realizes he is still recovering from serious psychological damage from his time in prison. Ronnie interrupts Dante and Lulu mid-lovemaking, demanding to know why Jason is not already back in Pentonville. Sam asks Jason to consider running away for the sake of their relationship. Patrick is beeped to a patient’s room only to discover Lisa half-clothed goading him to have sex again. Brook pulls Johnny into a hot kiss just as Dante rounds the corner and sees.

Thursday- Dante discovers some news about Franco and tells Jason and Sam. Lucky finds a dead body.  Sonny and Alexis enter the hospital to see Kristina, and she relays how Michael protected her by fighting off Warren Bauer. Sam and Jason make love. Patrick agrees to meet Lisa at Jake’s to put their affair behind them. Carly arranges a welcome home party with the family to celebrate Jax’s return. Olivia and Johnny run into each other at Kelly’s. 

Friday- Dante makes a decision about Jason and Pentonville. Liz and Nik are devastated to learn who abducted their baby. Jason tells Michael the truth about who was responsible for Carter’s attack on Michael in prison. Dante, Lucky and Jason attempt to reach Karen Anderson, but her home in Woodstock has been emptied.  Kristina confesses to Michael that she hates Sonny and is determined to make him pay for being such a bad father. Alexis urges Sonny to quit the mob for Kristina’s sake. Johnny tells Ethan he has evidence against Sonny.

This week on GH set VCR

Monday, 8/2 
Franco is inspired by Brenda.
Claire offers Sonny a way out.
Robin discovers photos of her and Patrick defaced inside her locker.
Tuesday, 8/3   
Sam presses for a final night of romance with Jason.
Claire eggs Sonny on about the incriminating photographs.
Sonny and Carly spar about Johnny.

Wednesday, 8/4 
Spinelli makes a breakthrough.
Lulu resolves to be a better sister.
Will Jason be sent back to prision?
Thursday, 8/5  
Dante comes to Jason’s aid.
Dante arrests Johnny for murder.
Brook is no match for Carly.

Friday, 8/6  
Lucky uses clever tactics to gain access to baby Aiden. 
Jason and Johnny discuss the brewing mob war.
Sonny reminisces about Brenda.

(source: ABC)