Geoff Neuhoff passes at 59


Geoff Neuhoff, President and CEO of Neuhoff Communications, passed away suddenly Sunday, 7/22.  Over a career that spanned more than 30-years, Geoff built a family owned and operated company that focused on the strength of his stations to serve the community.  Geoff long said that the Neuhoff stations would only be successful if they took care of the communities they served first.  It was a model he learned from his legendary broadcasting father Roger Neuhoff.

This belief in community first broadcasting led Geoff to create a trademarked brand known as “Media Made Locally.”  Neuhoff believed that local was always the most effective approach, and that the listeners, advertisers and community leaders benefited from his company’s commitment.

In 2010 Neuhoff was named, “Illinois Broadcaster of the Year” by the Illinois Broadcasters Association.  In the spring of 2012, Neuhoff owned WSOY-AM, Decatur Illinois, was honored as a NAB Crystal Award winner.  In his acceptance speech at the radio lunch in Las Vegas, Geoff dedicated the award to his father and honored the team of radio professionals who raised enough food in one day to fill two Decatur Food Banks for a year.

“Geoff Neuhoff was a giant among small and medium market broadcasters” said Neuhoff COO, Mike Hulvey. “Geoff demanded from all of us a dedication of greatness and excellence no matter the market size or the power of the station.  Geoff believed strongly that innovation was the way forward and he embraced new technologies with enthusiasm. He will be missed by his team, but the legacy he leaves behind will last for years to come” added Hulvey.

Geoff is survived by his wife Beth (Russell) Neuhoff, a son Jamie, daughters Lexie and Alice.

Neuhoff Communictions, Inc and Neuhoff Family Limited Partnership, own and operate radio stations; WFMB-AM, WFMB-FM, WCVS-FM, WXAJ-FM, Springfield Illinois. WSOY-AM, WSOY-FM, WDZ-AM, WDZQ-FM, Decatur, Illinois. WCZQ-FM Champaign, Illinois.  WDAN-AM, WDNL-FM, WRHK-FM, Danville, Illinois.  KMVT-TV, FOX 14 KTWT-LP and CW, Twin Falls, Idaho.

For additional information contact Hulvey at 217-709-1247, [email protected]