Georgia noncom CP sold


A station-to-be in an unrated portion of Georgia is going from an established noncom broadcaster and will become the only media property of the buyer. WLTS-FM CP Barrettsville GA will be sited well to the northeast of Atlanta.

The station is authorized as a Class A on 90.7 MHz with 600 W. Its antenna height is on par with the surrounding average terrain, or in other words, stands at zero feet. The closest community of any appreciable size is Gainesville to the east.

The seller is Victor Broadcasting Inc., headed by James E. Price III. In addition to WLTS, Victor owns a pair of LPTVs in Idaho and licenses for three other FMs, two in Georgia and one in Michigan.

The buyer is Megaphone Radio Inc., headed by William Ramos.

The price will be $11,250. $3.5K goes into escrow and the rest will be paid within two weeks of FCC approval of the transaction.