"Get the Led Out" to feature Yes interview


Denny Somach Productions (DSP) announced that Chris Squire and Alan White of the legendary rock band YES, will be the co-hosts with Carol Miller on next week’s edition of her United Stations Radio Networks program, “Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out.”    The interview, which will air throughout the full one-hour broadcast, was conducted just days ago during the 2010 YES tour of America.   This candid and revealing exclusive interview will be featured on Get the Led Out during the broadcast week of 7/12.  

Producer Denny Somach commented, “We were thrilled to get Chris and Alan to sit down for this interview while on tour with YES.   In addition to Squire and White, YES includes Steve Howe, Oliver Wakeman (son of Rick Wakeman) and Benoit David.

YES is a band that formed in London in 1968.  Despite numerous lineup changes and occasional splits, the band have continued for over forty years and maintain a tremendous worldwide following.   Yes have sold over 30 million records.    In 1968, Britain’s Melody Maker columnist Tony Wilson selected Yes and Led Zeppelin as the two bands “Most Likely To Succeed.”   In the brand new interview session to be broadcast next week, Squire and White discuss their appearance at the 2007 concert that served as the Led Zeppelin Reunion show.   The two also discuss in depth the period in 1981, when Squire and White teamed up with Jimmy Page to form a band to be called XYZ.  The name is derived from the abbreviation for eX-YES and Zeppelin.   Squire also supplies a sample of the music they recorded with the proposed super-group.