Getting OTA TV After Cord-Cutting


television-OTAViewers who cancel their cable service may like these suggestions on how to receive over-the-air television. Television executives may appreciate the as well.

NAB EVP/CTO NAB Technology Sam Matheny says having continued access to your favorite shows and channels is key.

He suggests using an OTA antenna and adds in a blog post the added benefit is the OTA signal is a good high-definition picture because it hasn’t been additionally compressed by a cable system.



  1. Yet another person misses the point. If you’re going to cut the cable to spend as little as possible, you don’t need Tivo, added to Romio added to Netflix added to Amazon added to CBS’s pay product etc. After a while, you’re spending the same amount of money every month. Just get a computer with a dual tuner TV card and get the proper software (until there’s a “windows media player” added to Windows 10;) you can record right over the air and stream just about everything you want to see, and it costs $0.00 monthly.

  2. Agreed! Cord cutting most recently has been defined as discontinuance of cable TV subscription, yet one pays the same cable company as an ISP. Then by the time you add subscriptions to Amazon, Netflix, AppleTV, etc., plus your VoIP phone, you aren’t saving money. True cord cutters get local OTA DTV channels only via antenna and their E-mail and Internet access via their phone.

    Look ma, no cords!

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