Getting someone else to DIY


A deal for a Montana toolbelt job is notable for one reason above all others. Even though the principal doing the selling is a woman, it will not reduce the number of female licensees. That’s because the buyer is also a woman.

The licensee of KMTZ-FM CP in Three Forks MT is Sheila Callahan & Friends Inc., headed by M. Sheila Callahan Murphy. She’s selling to Boulder Broadcasting Company, headed by Mary Jo Obayashi, thereby preserving the delicate female fraction and maintaining the admittedly inadequate FCC licensee diversity quotient.

The station, a Class C1 on 107.7 MHz with 100 kw @ 823’, is $85K cash.

Three Forks is located west of Bozeman MT and east of Butte MT, with Bozeman being the closer of the two, about 25 miles away.