Getting the most local ad dollars in Holiday shopping


Holiday shopping brings the advertising onslaught. It is not to late to incorporate solid retail information into your local sales and marketing efforts to maximize your dollars in local ad sales.  Remember to be local in your approach. 

Radio: Incorporate your strength use live copy for your on air talent to deliver the advertiser messages. Use the phone and bring in the local advertiser to talk with the on-air talent and let the retailer connect with the audience their shoppers remember they know their business better than you.

TV: Same as radio in your local news segments get live communications with the local retail. Just to drop off a report in a mall and have them do the usual oh-hum report. NO, get that local retailer talking and use the power of video.

The holiday shopping season – and the accompanying advertising onslaught – has begun, and early “Black Friday” deals seem to be among the most popular promotions to entice shoppers to stores. While pre-Thanksgiving might be a little early to begin Christmas shopping for some (34.2%), nearly a third (30.6%) says they’ll take advantage of these early bird deals.

More than one in three (35.2%) don’t know if they’ll shop these sales yet. Eighteen to 34 year olds are among the most likely to shop early holiday promotions (42.9%), just over one in four (28.6%) in the 35 to 54 year old age group intends to do so, while those 55+ (21.1%) are the least likely to partake in pre-Thanksgiving promotions.

Who wants a little luxury? Perhaps early holiday shoppers are on the hunt for great fashion brands at fantastic prices…in November, 47.9% indicated that familiar clothing labels are important to them, the highest reading in four years (Nov-06 = 48.0%). Labels tend to be most valued among the 18 to 34 year old age group (58.6%); this group is also the most likely to say newest fashion trends and styles are important to them (34.0%):

With luxury labels – at discount prices – from the likes of Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren, Kohl’s is in position to topple Walmart from its top post in Women’s Clothing…in November, the two retailers are virtually tied for #1, with 11.1% shopping Walmart most often to 11.0% for Kohl’s. Macy’s (7.2%), JC Penney (6.9%), and Target (2.4%) follow.
With 14.9% shopping there most often, Walmart maintains its lead in Men’s Apparel for November…Kohl’s follows with 10.4%, while JC Penney (8.8%), Macy’s (5.9%), and Sears (3.0%) round out the top five.

Children’s Clothing is a win for Walmart as well, with 14.4% shopping the big discounter most often, compared to Kohl’s (5.9%), Target (4.7%), JC Penney (3.9%), and Gap (2.4%).

Walmart faces a different rival – Payless – in Shoes…the big W has led the discount specialty in footwear since Dec-09, but this month finds itself in a near tie for the top spot in Shoes for November. The complete top five: Walmart (10.5%), Payless (10.3%), Kohl’s (5.2%), DSW (3.6%), and JC Penney (3.0%).

Expect consumers to converge at Best Buy for Electronics gifts this holiday season…more than one in three (35.0%) shop the big box most often, followed by Walmart with 18.9%. Amazon (3.7%), Target (2.7%), and Sears (1.7%) complete the top five.

The seasonal Toy battle has begun, with retailers hotly vying for a piece of Santa’s wallet this year (just like every other year)…for holiday 2010, look for consumers to head most often to Walmart (20.2%) and big box Toys R Us (17.9%). Target (6.2%), Kmart (1.3%), and Amazon (1.2%) follow the “Big Two” in Toys. Though with 46.0% citing “No Preference” for Toy store shopped, discounts, promotions, and availability will be key to courting a large number of consumers.

Thanksgiving and Christmas generally give way to a few overnight guests…homeowners looking to spruce up their accommodations with new towels or sheets will likely head to Walmart (17.8%) or Bed Bath & Beyond (14.0%), the stores shopped most often for Linens/Bedding/Draperies. Following are JC Penney (7.1%), Target (5.2%), and Kohl’s (4.0%).

Those in search of Thanksgiving turkey and all of the fixings will likely head to Walmart this month, where nearly one in five (18.5%) shops most often for Groceries…Kroger (7.1%), Publix (3.9%), Safeway (2.9%), and Shoprite (2.4%) complete the top five for this category.

With more than three in five (62.6%) regularly or occasionally purchasing Organic products, many families might have “greener” options at the dinner table on Turkey Day…produce (50.0%), breads (29.4%), dairy (28.8%), juices (28.2%), and meats/poultry (27.8%) are among the most popular Organic items to purchase. Among the stores shopped most often, Walmart (9.7%), Whole Foods (8.0%), Trader Joe’s (5.6%), Kroger (4.9%), and Publix (2.9%) lead for this segment.

For Health & Beauty Care, nobody beats Walmart…nearly one in three (31.4%) shops the big discounter most often, followed not-so-closely behind by CVS (9.5%), Walgreens (8.6%), Target (6.4%), and Rite Aid (3.0%). Seven in ten (69.3%) shop a particular store based on price, while location (51.1%), selection (45.4%), quality (24.5%), and 24 hour convenience (15.6%) are other top motivating factors.

The druggists are in demand for Prescription Drugs…Walgreens and CVS top this category, with 16.4% and 15.5% shopping there most often, respectively. Walmart (11.9%), Rite Aid (4.9%), and Target (2.3%) follow.

(source: BigResearch)