Getting the Most out of Smart TVs


TelevisionAs a new generation of television sets solidifies its hold on the American living room, enterprising companies such as Sorenson Media will be able to provide digitally-generated metrics to the benefit of local broadcast operators and their advertisers.

Sorenson has been pushing forward in this area for a couple of decades.

Among the capabilities its SPARK service can provide include:

* Personalizing broadcast TV ads to households based on data

* Hyper-localizing broadcast TV ads to increase relevance and efficacy, for example: showing a coupon for a local branch of a chain restaurant

* Connecting TV audiences to online social campaigns

* Providing detailed analytics on both advertising and programming

* Providing viewer polls, quizzes or contests to accompany your content, for example: voting for contestants on a TV show

* Providing viewers with useful alerts & notifications, for example: traffic alerts

Sorenson can be reached at:

Sorenson Media

RBR+TVBR observation: This makes us think of Kantar, which if we are correct uses OTT boxes to gather all sorts of data. As more and more TVs are either self-connected or device-connected to the web, we have to wonder what the ultimate effect will be on traditionalĀ  survey-based ratings will be.


  1. I recently bought a Samsung smart TV, and it’s not that smart. But the remote? If I have a “smart” TV, my remote is a complete moron. (Or, at least the engineer who decided that it should have a circular back is.)

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