GHB spins Big Easy AM to Catholic broadcaster


WIST-AM appears to be headed out of the Sports-Talk business and toward a new identity as a noncommercial religious station. It’s being bought by Catholic Community Radio Inc.

The buyer is headed by David Dawson, Michael Norwood and John Herbert.

The station is currently licensed to WTIX Inc., which is part of GHB Broadcasting Corporation, headed by George H. Buck Jr., Nancy H. Walker and Jacob E. Bogan.

The price of the station will be $200K cash.

WTIX does good job of blanketing New Orleans, with a Class B signal on 690 kHz with 10 kW-D, 5 kW-N, DA2.

The sale does not spell the exit of GHB from the market – it retains Oldies 94.3 WITX-FM.