Give yourself a promotion


We scan the horizon for news and information every day – and it’s amazing how many times we come across people and companies warning other people and companies to resist the natural urge to scale back promotional activity during tough times. In fact, taking the opposite tack is so widely recommended it’s amazing that down times for the general economy are not boom times for advertising-related businesses.

When things are going good in general, there are still winners and losers in every business category, and the problem for all of them is cutting through the marketing clutter. This is especially true during a time in history when any flat surface seems to be seen as a potential advertising venue, from the floors in stores to the foreheads of private citizens willing to display a temporary tattoo for some product of service.

The misguided but natural inclination to cut marketing takes care of the clutter problem automatically, leaving the field to those bold enough to stay in the game.

Canadian company Infinity Communications is another with a list of ideas designed to assist both companies and individuals surf through the choppy waters of the current economy. Here are five points Infinity co-CEO Leanne Bucaro puts forth for your consideration:

1. Use Technology. Get the word out by joining social networks like Twitter, Facebook and My Space, or create your very own website.
2. Nurture Relationships. Join groups and associations, volunteer in your community, contact old and new friends and network, network and network!
3. Know Your Product…even if your product is yourself! Then you can sell yourself or your business with confidence.
4. Be Creative. Think outside the box, come up with an angle or dare we say, even a gimmick. Stand out in your field!
5. Be Resilient. Don’t take "no" personally, your services or products may just not be needed, it doesn’t mean you’re not liked. Let a rejection inspire you to move on to the next opportunity and prove past naysayers wrong!

RBR/TVBR observation: There are a million ways to get your station out into the community – broadcasters have so many natural advantages on this score. If the citizens of your community are saying to themselves, “Wow –– you can’t toss a brick without hitting another employee of [your calls here] – they’re everywhere!” then that is precisely where the advertising community is going to want to place their own messaging.