Gladwell to keynote NAB


Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell will keynote the NAB Show in Las Vegas, appearing on stage in a discussion with NAB President & CEO David Rehr. “This is a very disruptive and challenging time in the industry, but I hope to share some interesting stories about people who are ‘Outliers’ – those who have taken unusual life experiences and worked collectively to seize opportunities and build success by challenge the status quo during uncertain times,” said Gladwell, the autor of “The Tipping Point,” “Blink” and “Outliers.” Gladwell has an incomparable gift for interpreting new ideas in the social sciences and making them understandable, practical and valuable to business and general audiences alike, NAB said in describing the keynoter.

RBR/TVBR observation: We don’t often get too excited about hearing pep talks from authors. But we’ve seen Gladwell on TV and YouTube – and this is a guy we are dying to hear in person!