Glee wins in kgb 542542 alternate ratings paradigm


The research firm of choice for the text-messaging crowd, kgb 542542, has its own way to rate television programs – it goes by how many requests for information it gets for each. By that metric, Fox’s Glee beat out ABC’s Dancing with the Stars for the week of 9/16-23/10.

Here is kgb’s top ten for the week in question:

1. “Glee” Fox

2. “Dancing with the Stars” ABC

3. “Jersey Shore” MTV

4. “CSI” CBS

5. “Family Guy” Fox

6. “Supernatural” CW

7. “Dexter” Showtime

8. “Sons of Anarchy” FX

9. “One Tree Hill” CW

10. “House MD” Fox

That works out to a seven-to-three win for broadcast over cable.

Fox is the individual leader with three entries, beating out CW with two. ABC, MTV, CBS, Showtime and FX have one each.

RBR-TVBR observation: Full disclosure is in order here, and it will go a long way toward explaining the skew of the results kgb gets. The author of this piece you are currently reading is among those of his generation who can’t help but notice the elegant, easy-to-use audio features of his cell phone, and therefore sees absolutely no need to text, and would never ever think to take advantage of kgb’s services. Other members of the family see things quite differently, however.

The author’s 13-year-old daughter just got a phone service upgrade that includes unlimited texting privileges, and the texting has been going on like mad. Furthermore, the author’s young-20-something niece is an actual kgb agent.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the kgb ratings will skew strongly toward the younger end of the age spectrum.