Glenn Beck back on air Tuesday


Tweeting to his Twitter account from his sick bed, Glenn Beck says he’ll be back to work on Tuesday following his emergency surgery for appendicitis last Wednesday. Beck tweeted Sunday that he wanted to go back on the air Monday, but his wife laid down the law and said no.

Beck had been praising the care by his doctors and nurses, which prompted the liberal blog AlterNet to charge that Beck was praising members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), having just made his latest on-air attack on the union just hours before his surgery – accusing SEIU President Andy Stern of spouting “communist, Marxist propaganda.”

In reply, Beck said (RBR-TVBR has expanded his Twitter shorthand to real English): “By the way, the left loves to tie doctors and nurses to the SEIU. It never has been the members that bother me. It is the leadership and thugs that are poison, not the average members.”