Glenn Beck says he is following in footsteps of Paul Revere (video)


There are plenty of theories as to why Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel are bringing his daily television program to an end – and many of them are no doubt viable theories. But there are few facts, either about how the decision came about, and what the future holds, particularly Beck’s future at FNC. But Beck did speak to the matter himself on air.

Beck channeled the great science fiction author Ray Bradbury, paraphrasing one of Bradbury’s most famous titles in describing his own intent to warn Americans that something wicked this way comes. But he added that he never intended for this mission to be a career, hence he was preparing to leave the daily grind of his Fox program.

He likened himself to Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere. Beck noted that Revere got on this horse and warned his neighbors about oncoming British troops, and he fought on in the battle for independence, but when all was said and done, went back to being the silversmith he was before the hostilities commenced.

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Here, from his own program, are Beck’s remarks on his departure.