Glenn Beck signs new $100 million contract with Premiere


Glenn BeckPremiere Networks and Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-media production company, are renewing/extending their agreements to syndicate The Glenn Beck Program for a reported additional five years, at $100 million, per Reuters. He’s currently on some 400 affiliates.

Mercury and Premiere have also extended their alliance in digital media. Mercury’s digital businesses include streaming video network GBTV, news and information site, e-commerce marketplace and the fan portal Premiere will continue repping Mercury’s digital properties to advertisers.

Mercury recently launched GBTV, Glenn Beck’s live streaming video network. Since its launch, GBTV has already added a wide range of original programming, including the reality show Independence USA, the kid’s show Liberty Tree House, the news show Real News and the comedy news show The B.S. of A. GBTV also announced a deal with Icebox, the innovative animation production company, to jointly develop an animated comedy series. GBTV features Glenn’s show, which is airs live weekdays and is broadcast from Dallas.


  1. Glenn Beck is worth every cent he gets. You got that idiot/liar Angelo Carusone from Media Matters claiming he stopped Glenn Beck. I asked him to stop me so, I can get $100 million contract too. That is proof how much liberal/progressives lie.

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