Globes cancellation costing big bucks; what about Academy Awards?


With cancellation of the Golden Globe Awards on 1/13 because of the WGA strike and plans to picket, the loss will reportedly cost NBC between 10 and 15 million in ad revenue, even with the show’s replacement with alternative coverage announcing the winners (the show was expected to bring in 25 million for the net). Last year’s Oscars ceremony pulled in 40 million viewers, with NBC charging an estimated 1.7 million for a 30 second ad.
We wanted to know how much it may cost ABC if the 80th Annual Academy Awards, scheduled for 2/24, gets scrapped as well. A separate agreement, a la Worldwide Pants and UA, is most likely being negotiated, but no guarantees. It depends on how many units they have to sell, multiplied by the average cost per unit. One buyer said that cost per unit is probably well over 1 million this year.

It’s likely the second most expensive show to buy after the Superbowl. The American Idol finale may have surpassed it as numero dos.