Gloria Allred demanding TV stations nix anti-abortion ad in Super Bowl


Women’s rights advocate/President of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education fund Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to NBC affiliates planning on airing an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, demanding that the ads not be aired because of their inflammatory nature.

Right to life advocate Randall Terry, who is running for President, has bought ad time to air the commercials which depict “in graphic nature, an aborted fetus and or fetal parts,” Allred asserts in the letter which was sent to eleven local affiliates that intend to air the spot.

The anti-abortion ads will run during the Super Bowl in Ada, Oklahoma, Grand Junction, Colorado, Joplin, Missouri, Paducah, Kentucky, and Springfield, Missouri. Commercials will also be airing during the pre-game of the Super Bowl in Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and St. Louis, Missouri, among others, reports Radar Online.

According to the letter, if the stations air the commercials, Allred wants “the opportunity to appear on your station to express the pro-choice right to safe and legal abortion positions, as well as to react to the grossly offensive ad that your stations intends to air. Broadcasting the king of graphic images that you reportedly intend to air during the Super Bowl is extremely inflammatory.”

Allred pointed out that there is an inherent danger in televising the ad because “in light of the fact that we now live in an environment in which there is a frequent harassment and sometimes violence against doctors, healthcare providers, and clinics that provide abortions, it is particularly dangerous to air such an ad without the other side being presented. I am sure you are well aware of the tragic murder of Dr. George Tiller (an abortion provider). Even before he was murdered by Scott Roeder (an anti-choice activist), Dr. Tiller was the frequent target of violence against him. Broadcasting such an ad will only serve to polarize the public on this important issue and could mislead young people about the medical procedure.”