GM dealers to offer free 3-months of SiriusXM on used cars


Customers will now receive a 3-month subscription to SiriusXM when they buy a pre-owned factory vehicle that already has a satellite receiver—GM-made or not—from over 1,000 participating GM dealerships nationwide. 

Jason Brickl, CEO, Ballweg Family of Dealerships, and Co-Chair, General Motors National Dealer Council, is encouraging all GM dealers to sign up and use it to add value to their inventories.

GM will continue to offer customers a 3-month subscription to SiriusXM with the purchase of new and Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac/Chevrolet/Buick/GMC vehicles that are factory equipped with SiriusXM.

RBR-TVBR observation: Remember, with GM’s original investment in XM, they entered into a 12-year “distribution agreement” between XM and GM’s subsidiary, OnStar Corp. The agreement called for exclusive installation of XM Satellite Radio into GM vehicles from 11/12/01 until 11/13. A low-cost deal may have been made off of this original relationship here between GM and Sirius XM. Nonetheless, free satellite radio for three months is going to move the needle for some used car buyers.