GM putting big bucks in radio for trucks: Q2


RBR-TVBR exclusive: We didn’t get all of the details, but RBR-TVBR has heard Starcom (formerly GM Planworks) is implementing a big radio buy, upwards of $10 million with network/spot, for their client GM — specifically trucks. We’re talking heavy saturation in Q2. This will be for General Market, African-American and Hispanic. The deals are being made as you read this and the whole Starcom team is making the buy. We checked with Mike Rosen, President of Investment and Activation, Starcom, for full confirmation, but instead got this from Graham Nolan, Director, Marketing Communications, Starcom: “Just wanted to follow up on your calls to Mike Rosen regarding your story today. As a corporate policy, we do not disclose spending strategies for one or any of our clients. This is in the best interest of our clients and protects competitive advantage.” Fair enough — we’re just glad to see them back in radio to this degree!

RBR-TVBR observation
: We think part of this may be to go after Toyota’s lost thunder as of late. GM may be striking while the iron is hot.