Go Daddy launches new commercial contest


Go Daddy wants folks to produce a summer blockbuster showing the world how they would advertise the iconic Go Daddy brand. Putting the public in charge of advertising worked so well the first time earlier this year, Go Daddy is launching the “Go Daddy Commercial Contest: Summer Edition” with a Grand Prize worth a quarter of a million dollars. The twist this time around? They get to create content for TV…and an accompanying Internet-Only version.

The world’s largest Web hosting provider and top domain name registrar worldwide is challenging the public to create broadcast commercials that drive viewers online to see an Internet-only version. It’s a technique Go Daddy mastered over the last six years with its GoDaddy-esque Super Bowl campaigns. The online commercials, where the broadcast storyline plays out, are edgier and intended to entertain and leverage Web traffic.

The Grand prize is $250,000, the runner-up earns $150,000, third prize is worth $75,000 and five Honorable Mention winners will be paid $25,000 each – making this the largest guaranteed payout in any commercial contest ever. All entries must be thirty-seconds in length and end with the Go Daddy logo and theme song.

Also new in Go Daddy’s Summer Edition Contest, a six-figure “Campaign Bonus.” Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons came up with the idea as a way to generate related story-lines. A contestant who enters an outstanding set of three or more ads featuring a theme and/or recurring characters could win an additional $100,000, on top of the prize money earned for placing in the contest.

Parsons plans to be the sole judge this time around. Contestants upload their entries to www.GoDaddy.com/Contest.

Professionals and rookies alike are encouraged to enter – all that’s required is some imagination, a sense of humor and a basic video camera. Go Daddy’s original contest winner, Jessie Ottolini, had never produced a commercial.