Gonzalez strikes again in southern Texas


$600K KDRX-FM Laughlin AFB TX from J.B. Salazar to MBM Radio Del Rio LLC, a subsidiary of MB Revolution LLC (Roberto Gonzalez). Deposited in full into escrow account for release to seller at closing. LMA until closing. Overlap with KVDR-FM CP Brackettville TX to the east and KTDR-FM Del Rio TX to the west. However, no overlap between KVDR and KTDR. [FCC file date 4/4/12]

$40K KJBB-FM Watertown SD from Church Planters of America (William Danny Hawkins) to Harvest Community Baptist Church of Watertown South Dakota (Lamar Whittemore et al). $4K earnest money, balance in cash at closing. [FCC file date 4/2/12]