Goodbye To Radio Listening at Work?


Here’s a scary thought to some media industry observers: One can now watch Netflix at work while multitasking various assignments.

Should Radio be worried? Perhaps. Netflix is currently testing a “pop-out player” feature in a small floating box that hovers over other windows and applications.

As reported by Engadget, a user can simply click a small icon on the bottom of the screen. Once the new window appears, the user can resize it and position it at any place on the screen.

An official announcement is forthcoming; Netflix says the test is just that — a test.

With the test, subtitles are not an option, creating an earbud-must situation in the office.

And, it puts Netflix on similar ground to YouTube videos, or perhaps television.

That said, one media observer posed this question to Weekly Tech Roundup:

Who can watch Netflix while working in a productive manner?
I’d fire that person.
I can’t even listen to talk or sports while working.
That would have been wholly plausible just a few years ago. But now, Generation Z is in the workforce.


“Never before has there been a generation incapable of remembering a world without the Internet,” Christopher Wolf, a Goldman Sachs researcher who focuses on the financial consequences of differences between the generations, told Meetings Today in 2017. “This is the most diverse generation in U.S. history and the first to be born with a digital device in their hands. And they are becoming the largest generation.”

Thus, the possibility of Netflix becoming at at-work competitor to audio content is a reality.