Google Accepts Nielsen As A ‘Mix’ Match


Nielsen has been named to Google’s Marketing Mix Model Partner program.

This makes the leading measurement provider of radio and TV consumption and consumer exposure a “preferred partner,” injecting the company into a program which enables Nielsen to collect Google advertising impression and spend data directly from Google in a standardized and granular manner.

Collectively, Nielsen said, “This combines the power of Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Modeling capabilities and Google’s media data to ensure advertisers can measure the ROI of their digital investments with precision and confidently understand the drivers of ROI to improve returns year-over-year.”

Nielsen’s custom marketing mix solution offers advertisers a holistic understanding of what’s driving sales, the company said, taking into account both marketing and non-marketing factors “to truly understand the impact of their activities and how to optimize marketing spend going forward.”

“We are excited to be included in the inaugural launch of Google’s Marketing Mix Model Partner program,” Josh Kowal, SVP of Nielsen Marketing ROI noted. “By working directly with Google, this analytic alliance will give our clients a more comprehensive view of marketing spend outcomes to help make better, faster and more informed decisions.”

“With this new partnership program, we’re excited to work with Nielsen to provide our clients with accurate and independent insight into how their digital ads are performing and delivering a return on investment,” added Babak Pahlavan, Sr. Dir./Product Management at Google. “This partnership program will allow us to uphold high standards in data privacy and security while also offering our clients transparency into how these ads are impacting their bottom line.”