Google AdSense network to run ad-backed videos


Google is expanding the market for ad-supported online video beyond its YouTube site by letting its client website publishers run videos on their own sites.  Google will be linking these affiliated websites in its Google AdSense network with YouTube video creators. Google is calling new ad-supported video service as "video units," reported Reuters.

“Video unit ads dedicate a small companion banner at the top of the screen to run graphical banner ads, taking up around 20% of the small rectangular box in which the video runs. A text ad appears on the bottom portion of the video once a user clicks the play button and the video begins showing,” the story said.

The ads within the video unit are targeted based on a combination of the video content and the publisher’s site content.

Google is working with video content partners including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, Mondo Media, Extreme Elements, and Ford Models to supply the content. Around 100 YouTube video content partners are taking part in all, representing thousands of video clips, the story said.

Meanwhile, a new online health service (likely one of the 100) was unveiled that allows physicians to embed YouTube-hosted video into their iHealth practice Web sites. Videos are being used by physicians to educate patients, explain treatment plans or procedures and introduce their practices to new patients. The new integrated service connects consumers to their doctors in new and more interactive ways. Over 70,000 U.S. physicians have Medem Network’s iHealth practice websites.